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Note: If you're a patient seeking a Ministry of Transportation (MTO) condition specific form or re-issuance of a form, please contact the MTO's Driver Medical Review Office at 416-235-1753 or Toll-free at 1-800-268-1481 (within Ontario). 


Completing and submitting forms from your OMD-certified EMR is easier and faster. Completed eForms are delivered to your EMR through the Health Report Manager (HRM®), so you always have copies of your patient's charts.

eForms are electronic forms that increase efficiency through guided navigation, offering a secure and reliable way to submit forms. Simply launch eForms from a patient chart in your EMR, and your form will be pre-populated with available patient and clinician data. Complete the rest of the information and submit it to The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) for processing. 

"eForms is easy to use.  It's much nicer than the paper form since I didn't have to fill out the four pages having nothing to do with my patient. I submitted it, printed it and gave it to the patient so he has a copy. I thought the eForm hadn't saved for me, but I decided to take a chance.  And now it is in my Inbox! Exciting!"

 – Dr. Catherine Link, Belleville, ON

Efficiency, Reliability and Security

eForms offers a secure, efficient, and trackable way to move personal health information to organizations by consistently providing the latest forms. eForms will ensure that the most up-to-date form is always used, the forms are complete, and data entry is reduced. This increases efficiency by reducing incomplete, outdated, or illegible forms. 

eForms in your EMR 

You can access eForms from the following OMD-certified EMRs: 

  • Accuro® EMR 
  • Avaros EMR 
  • EMR Advantage 
  • YES EMR 
  • YMS EMR  

Contact your vendor or OMD Advisor at to get started. If you use another certified EMR, ask your vendor when to expect eForms or regularly check the Certified EMR Offerings – Integrated Provincial EHR Products and Services table. Additional information on EMR offerings is available on the Integrated EHR products page

Available eForms 

OntarioMD works with Ontario Health to add new forms while expanding eForms for health care across other provincial organizations. 

  • Medical Condition Report (5108)
  • Vision Report to the Registrar of More Vehicles (5109)
  • Medical Report (RS-LC-080)
  • Cardiovascular Assessment (SR-LC-004)
  • Cerebrovascular Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, Tumour or Other Neurological Diseases (SR-LC-005)
  • Cognitive Disorder (SR-LC-006)
  • Diabetes Assessment (SR-LC-147)
  • Mental Health Disorder (SR-LC-009)
  • Musculoskeletal Condition / Motor Function Ability Impairment (SR-LC-148)
  • Seizures and Loss of Consciousness (SR-LC-008)
  • Sleep Disorders and Narcolepsy (SR-LC-150)
  • Substance Use Assessment (SR-LC-151)
  • Other Conditions
  • FMCSA Medical Report (5080)
  • Vision Waiver Renewal – Class G (SR-LC-118A)
  • Vision Waiver Renewal - Class A and D (SR-LC-119A)    

Still have questions?

Review our resources about eForms and other EMR digital health tools, or contact us at