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OntarioMD's Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Digital and virtual solutions are at the heart of OntarioMD’s role in supporting the transformation of the country’s health and primary care sectors, and we are well positioned to provide thought leadership and explore new avenues of innovation to advance digital health in Canada as the future evolves. Digital health has exploded in Canada, as the onset of the global pandemic accelerated the demand for new ways of connecting.  

Following the successful implementation of EMRs across physician practices, OntarioMD is finding new ways to add value to the health system for patients and physicians. 

Our focus on providing the technology that meets needs now and into the future means more intelligent systems, more insight-oriented tools, and less data entry.  

As health system transformation drives new clinical relationships and collaborations, we are working to deliver health products, services and change management supports that we know make a difference to the delivery of care for patients who are at the centre of clinicians’ care. 

Through our 2020-25 Strategic Plan, OntarioMD’s vision for a healthier Canada powered by digital innovation will be guided by these three areas of strategic focus: 

A circle divided into 3 parts with corporate growth and sustainability; leading delivery partner; and digital health advocacy  

Within each area of strategic focus, OntarioMD will capitalize on key strategic opportunities to realize significant value for Ontario's health care system. To learn more about these key strategic opportunities, their value for the health care system and their impact on patient care over the next three years, please read OntarioMD's 2020 - 2025 strategic plan.