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Transition Support Guide

Transition Support Program

The Transition Support Program (TSP), provided free by OntarioMD, supports the adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for practice-based physicians, both family physicians and specialists, in Ontario. 

The program helps guide physicians through the process of transitioning from paper to electronic record-keeping and business management, by providing tools and services to help them determine their unique requirements, decide which EMR is right for their practice and ultimately implement and use the system proficiently.

The EMR Transition Support Guide

The EMR Transition Support Guide ("Guide") has been developed to help eligible practice-based physicians in Ontario understand how to transition from paper to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and how OntarioMD can assist them in every step of the EMR journey.

The Guide provides a quick overview to the end-to-end EMR adoption process, from the initial preparation of the practice, to using the EMR system to improve patient care and achieve better health outcomes. The Guide also offers a selection of guidebooks, tools and videos that will help physicians carry out specific activities and manage the overall process - through the different stages of the journey.