How eConsult works

The following diagram illustrates the four easy steps involved in requesting an eConsult and receiving a specialist’s response:

how econsult works.png

Options for eConsult access

The Ontario eConsult program offers choice and flexibility in how the service can be accessed. Users have the option to access specialist advice through the Direct to Specialist or BASE Managed Specialty.

The Direct to Specialist service enables the requesting provider to submit consult cases directly to individual specialists. 

The BASE Managed Specialty service enables the requesting provider to submit cases to a regional or provincial managed service, which is a group of specialists responding to eConsult cases for a given specialty or sub-specialty (e.g. pediatric cardiology). Cases are assigned to the closest regionally managed specialty or a provincial managed specialty group if a local one is not available. Cases are assigned based on specialist availability.

OntarioMD is leading the eConsult EMR integration initiative to support availability of the service through OntarioMD-certified EMRs. An updated EMR specification will be available for all OntarioMD-certified EMR vendors in Spring 2019. This specification will define the requirements for integrating with the provincial eConsult service. In the interim, as OntarioMD completes the EMR integration, we continue to encourage clinicians to leverage the service available through OTNhub.