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Sending Facilities Live on HRM®


  • HRM sending facilities include hospitals and specialty clinics across Ontario. Sending facilities are generally listed by individual site if they contribute to HRM from multiple locations (e.g., Niagara Health System). However in some cases they are listed as one facility, the hospital or clinic corporation, (e.g., The Ottawa Hospital) sending reports from multiple locations respectively through HRM.

  • Sending facilities will, at times, update the report types they send through HRM. Please check back to ensure that you have the latest versions of the Report Type lists (indicated in red).

Regional Solutions: If you are transitioning off a regional report delivery solution e.g. TDIS or SPIRE, please click here for more information.

Contact Information: Please click on the addition logo below to see the contact address for the respective sending facility. These contacts are to be used for operational support requests pertaining to HRM reports only, e.g. stop paper requests, or report content and formatting feedback. Privacy contacts for select hospitals are also provided. These contacts are to be used to notify any privacy issues (e.g. received a report not intended for yourself) to the hospital.


* Regions - Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs)

  • LHIN 1 Erie St. Clair
  • LHIN 2 South West
  • LHIN 3 Waterloo Wellington
  • LHIN 4 Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant
  • LHIN 5 Central West
  • LHIN 6 Mississauga Halton
  • LHIN 7 Toronto Central
  • LHIN 8 Central
  • LHIN 9 Central East
  • LHIN 10 South East
  • LHIN 11 Champlain
  • LHIN 12 North Simcoe Muskoka
  • LHIN 13 North East
  • LHIN 14 North West

** For regular Medical Record and Diagnostic Imaging reports, please refer to the primary hospital report type list.