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i4C Indicator Releases

An Indicator Release consists of a set of Mandatory i4C Dashboard indicators including version number required for the i4C Dashboard.  An OntarioMD-Certified EMR offering must successfully demonstrate its alignment to the EMR i4C Dashboard Specification and i4C Indicator Release to be recognized as successfully integrated the OntarioMD i4C Dashboard.

Multiple Indicator Releases, representing distinct sets of Mandatory indicators, will emerge over time.  Separate EMR Validations will be required for each Indicator Release that an EMR vendor chooses to incorporate.

Click on the Release version for the set if i4C Dashboard Indicators for a specific Release.

Visit the OntarioMD i4C Dashboard Indicator Library for an overview of all indicators that have been published in an Indicator Release.

I4C Indicator Releases

ReleaseIndicator IDIndicator NameVersion

CDM-CAD-001CAD Identification2.0
CDM-CAD-002CAD Testing Status2.0
CDM-CAD-003CAD Overdue Items2.0
CDM-DIAB-001Diabetes Identification2.0
CDM-DIAB-002Diabetes HbA1c Testing Status2.0
CDM-DIAB-003Diabetes with HbA1c in Range2.0
CDM-HTN-001HTN Identification2.0
CDM-HTN-002HTN Testing Status2.0
CDM-HTN-003HTN Overdue Items2.0
CARE-BNS-001Preventive Care Bonus Breast Cancer Screening2.0
CARE-BNS-002Preventive Care Bonus Cervical Cancer Screening2.0
CARE-BNS-003Preventive Care Bonus Colorectal Cancer Screening2.0
CARE-BNS-004Preventive Care Bonus Childhood Immunizations2.0
CARE-BNS-005Preventive Care Bonus Influenza Immunization 2.0
MED-OPI-001Opioids Prescribed2.0
MED-OPI-002Opioid and Benzodiazepine Co-prescribing2.0
MED-OPI-003Opioid Daily Dosage: Total MMEq/day2.0
PRM-PAT-001Patient Status2.0
PHC-CAN-001Patient Care Breast Cancer Screening 2.0
PHC-CAN-002Patient Care Breast Cancer Screening Overdue2.0
PHC-CAN-003Patient Care Cervical Cancer Screening2.0
PHC-CAN-004Patient Care Cervical Cancer Screening Overdue2.0
PHC-CAN-005Patient Care Colorectal Cancer Screening2.0
PHC-CAN-006Patient Care Colorectal Cancer Screening Overdue2.0
PHC-OBES-001Obesity Screening 2.0
PHC-IMM-001Patient Care Childhood Immunizations2.0
PHC-IMM-002Patient Care Childhood Immunizations Recall 2.0
PHC-IMM-003Patient Care Influenza Immunization2.0
PHC-IMM-004Pneumococcal Immunization2.0
PHC-SMK-001Smoking Status2.0