Insights4Care Helps Turn Data into Better Patient Outcomes

Clinicians understand the importance of patient data and quality improvement initiatives for their practice and patient care but are often constrained by a lack of time and resources. OntarioMD's award-winning Insights4Care (i4C) program aims to fill this gap by offering tools and support clinicians can tap into to make practice improvements and unlock the value of their EMR data for better patient outcomes.

i4C aligns with the provincial government's vision for a patient-centered integrated care model driven by digital health technology. The program is built around a powerful EMR data management tool and OntarioMD's proven clinician support and change management methodologies.

Insights4Care offers clinicians access to:


An EMR-integrated, user-friendly and actionable population health management tool. Find out more!


Hands-on clinician advisory support from OntarioMD's team of quality improvement and EMR experts. Find out more!

As the i4C program expands throughout the province, program offerings will expand to include primary care-focused practice enhancement and quality improvement toolkits and resources, quality improvement learning opportunities, and new ways to share quality improvement-related information for system improvement. 

For more information or to get access to the i4C Dashboard or i4C Advisory Service in your practice, email us at support@ontariomd.com.

EMR vendors can view the i4C specification here.