From 2015 to 2019, OntarioMD led a Proof of Concept initiative with OSCAR EMR and TELUS Health Solutions Inc. to demonstrate improved clinical value to Ontario clinicians through an EMR Quality Dashboard framework. Our aim was to create a clinically valuable Dashboard framework that:

  1. provides clinicians with an EMR-integrated, actionable population health management tool;
  2. offers access to a set of high-value provincial primary health care indicators centred on preventive care and chronic disease management;
  3. associates indicators with data quality improvement; and
  4. is provincially scalable and expandable for all certified EMR offerings, and for new and evolving provincial indicators.

We successfully completed our Proof of Concept in March 2019, demonstrating the technical feasibility and clinical relevance of a user-friendly EMR-integrated Dashboard, and the positive impact of OntarioMD's EMR Practice Enhancement Program-led change management support on Dashboard adoption and use.

Read our Proof of Concept Final Report for information on clinician participant feedback, and findings and benefits. You can also read our Phase 1 Benefits Evaluation and Final Report.

Next Steps
In 2019, OntarioMD will launch a comprehensive, province-wide data quality improvement program for clinician practices centred around the EMR Quality Dashboard and an associated quality improvement advisory service to support clinicians to improve their EMR data quality and enhance patient care. We'll share details as they are confirmed.

For more information on OntarioMD's EMR Quality Dashboard initiative, read our Proof of Concept Summary and Frequently Asked Questions, or email support@ontariomd.com.