i4C Draft Indicators Released for Comment

January 31, 2020

OntarioMD has released 34 new draft indicator definitions for the i4C Dashboard. The draft definitions (identified as "DFC" under the Status column in the list of indicators) are available for review and comment in the i4C Dashboard Indicator Library.

New indicator definitions have been introduced for chronic disease management (COPD, depression, diabetes, hypertension), preventive care (allergies recorded, BP measured, immunizations, baby/child well-being), medication management, and seven-day follow-up after hospital discharge.

The i4C program team is seeking comments on these draft definitions from clinicians, vendors and other interested stakeholders. Comments can be submitted to emr@ontariomd.com until March 13, 2020. All comments will then be reviewed and considered before final indicator definitions are published in Spring 2020.