EMR Validation – Stage 4

Validation, EHR Connectivity and Tools Category

EMR offerings that have successfully completed Stage 3 will undergo validation activities for ALL specifications listed in the current EMR Certification Release for the EHR Connectivity and Tools category.

Stage 4 will involve the following:

  1. Execution of validation scenarios based on the specifications listed in current EMR Certification Release within the EHR Connectivity and Tools category; This activity can be conducted either on-site at OntarioMD or remotely via teleconference1;
  2. Prior to execution of the validation process, the EMR vendor will need to ensure that their EMR offering has been loaded and configured with the set-up data as per the instructions provided by OntarioMD in Stage 2;
  3. Submission of conformance certificates by the respective conformance testing organization that the EMR offering has successfully passed the EHR interface conformance testing will be required prior to the execution of Stage 4 validation activities;
  4. Upon receipt of the third milestone payment of $10,000+HST2, the execution of validation activities for Stage 4 will commence.

Evaluation Overview

Stage 4 will be evaluated on the following items. Meeting the Mandatory Criteria listed in the table below is a pre-requisite for proceeding to the next Stage of the EMR validation process.

Requirement Type



The EMR offering MUST meet ALL Mandatory requirements for ALL specifications listed in the current EMR Certification Release for the EHR Connectivity and Tools category


Letter of Conformance by the respective conformance testing organization for each EHR Product Specification such as OLIS, HRM, etc.


The EMR offering MUST pass ALL validation scenarios that are executed by the OntarioMD Validation team

Contact Us

Any questions related to the EMR validation process should be directed via email to the EMR Validation Administrator:

Email:   emrvalidation@ontariomd.com 

Subject line: Vendor Name | EMR Offering Name | Specific Subject

1 OntarioMD will leverage Skype for Business for teleconferences, which includes collaboration tools such as voice, video, and application sharing

2 Stage 4 Milestone payment is non-refundable