EMR Validation - Stage 1

Application Submission

To initiate the EMR validation process for EMR certification, EMR vendors must submit a completed Application for Certification1.

The Application for Certification includes the following:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. A completed Application for EMR Certification Form 
  3. A completed Mandatory Document Checklist 
  4. A completed EMR Requirements Attestation Form 
  5. Hosted EMR offerings:
  6. Application Fee of $2,500+HST2


The document titled Application Submission Requirements provides submission details for the Application related to documentation and fees.


Evaluation Overview

Stage 1 will be evaluated based on a completed application for EMR Certification and the submission of the accompanying mandatory documents as per Checklist.

Following the submission of a complete application, the vendor will progress to Stage 2.


Contact Us

Any questions related to the EMR validation process should be directed via email to the EMR Validation Administrator:

Email:  emrvalidation@ontariomd.com

Subject line: Vendor Name | EMR Offering Name | Specific Subject

1. An EMR vendor may apply for certification once per 12 months per EMR offering

2. Upon successful completion of Stage 2, the application fee will be non-refundable.